Canadian Rights Groups Say Emergency Measures No Longer Necessary For Asylum-Seekers


Much. Thank you. During the Trump administration. More than 50,000 people crossed from the U. S into Canada to request asylum at the start of the pandemic. The two countries limited travel across the border in both directions to slow new covert cases, and Canada began turning those asylum seekers back to the U. S. Now. Canadian Human rights groups say these emergency measures introduced nearly a year ago are no longer justifiable. Emma Jacobs reports last October upon her and we Mana walked across the border from Northern New York. And turned himself in willingly to Canadian police. What he didn't know was that Canada had changed its rules because of the pandemic, and he wouldn't be allowed to stay and apply for asylum. Canadian authorities told him. They had to turn him over. I told them no, don't send me to United State. America wants to send me back to Burundi. I would die and when I was crying, police took me by force and they handcuffed me Dream. Manna says he fled Bernie after exposing government misconduct and came to the United States with the hope of reaching Canada Since he was turned around, he's been held in a U. S Immigration and Customs Enforcement Detention Center outside Buffalo. He says he even spent weeks in an isolation unit. You can not nobody When you cannot call where you cannot even take shower. He's met others and detention who've ended up there the same way When was deported in December, the U. S has been detaining and deporting some of these asylum seekers, despite assertions by Canadian politicians last spring. It was very unlikely the U. S would do so then Minister of Foreign Affairs Kristina Friedland said Canada didn't want to see anyone accorded to dangerous situations. It continues to be important for Canada to have assurances that that would not happen. Refugee rights groups say they were assured in private by Canadian officials that these guarantees had been made.

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