Cincinnati women's senior IImar'I Thomas scores record 51 points in 76-61 win at ECU


From the UC women's basketball team. Set a school record earlier today. Scoring 51 points in a victory at East Carolina 51 points. The women's college basketball record is 60. So she only missed that by nine points. She's the first woman in Cincinnati history to score 50 or more in a game. She's one of two bear cats to do it. Oscar Robertson, the other Oscar did it often He had six games with 50 or more points, but just incredible performance. Congratulations to Omari Thomas 51 points without a three point shot. She is an interior player. She was 20 for 27 from the floor 11 for 13 from Alliance. He had 12 rebounds. 10 on the offensive end to score 51 points tonight. She's up to 23.4 her senior year, and that is ninth best in the country. So that leads to this

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