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Quick math. There's 32 NFL teams. So that's 11 teams. That's it. That I came up that I can't possibly see making a move and one of those. I was even a little bit kind of hazy on with the Giants. There's four teams that are certain. To make a move four teams that they're deal's already done. The Rams, the Lions, the Colts and the Eagles will all have different starting quarterbacks next year. The Rams with Stafford, the Lions We assume Chris with charity golf. The Colts with Carson Wentz and the Eagles with either a Jalen hurts, or maybe someone they pick up in free agency. There's four teams that were certain. To see Make a change The JAG wires with Trevor Laurence Washington. I mean, Dwayne Haskins is gone. I know they re sign. Hi, Nikki. But I guess technically, that would still be considered a different starter, and they seem to be very much In the mix. For potential new starting quarterback in Washington. The Patriots, it's not gonna be Kim or Gonna be just hit him and the bears. So four done for pretty certain That's eight. We've got 11 teams that we see happy. We've got eight right now. So how do we get to that over? Let's get to the maybes and the possibles to kick off our number three for quarterback changes in the NFL right here on Fox Sports Radio.

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