A highlight from Let's Go Back to UD Arena, As The 2021 Season Winds Down!


Podcast and there's a big episode waiting for you. I up some big news at the university of dayton arena and we cover the first weekend of high school hockey playoffs in ohio. It's time for the horizon league tournament plus more updates on the local college teams also. Spring sports are here as college. Baseball is back. Talk about a former guests. Next event. talk about the twenty twenty one schedule and that new. Uso leaked through team and cincinnati and we wrap things up with the twenty twenty one schedule for the dayton flight. it's not on dayton radio. It's odd v local sydney sports podcast episode two. Oh five welcome to the cincinnati and dayton sports podcast with lee. This is a weekly audio podcast. That covers all sports in dayton and cincinnati. Ohio and covers areas from norfolk kentucky and the ohio river up to lima in allen. County rahm richmond.

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