Ghana Becomes 1st Country To Get COVAX Vaccine Doses

NBC Nightly News


Was a milestone day and the ambition effort to get two billion doses of vaccine to the developing world. Cynthia mcfadden with it. It's called the margin logistical undertaking in history in the wee hours of this morning it finally began today. We're in ghana. And this is really a historic moment. As six hundred thousand doses of the astra zeneca vaccine arrived in the african nation. The first vaccine to be delivered as part of a msa effort led by the world health organization and unicef called kovacs to send at least two billion doses of vaccine to the world's poorest nations if one country is left unvaccinated this disease will bounce back and forth. The vaccine was shipped directly from the largest vaccine manufacturer in the world. in india. In each of the kovacs countries healthcare workers will be the first to be inaugurated. Hundreds of thousands of syringes also arrived in ghana ship from a massive unicef warehouse in dubai. Meanwhile overnight one hundred thousand syringes arrived in the maldives which will soon get their vaccine allotment. Certainly a down payment on hope but consider this so far about two hundred million. Vaccines have been administered. But nearly half of those two only two countries china and the us leaves more than one hundred countries that haven't administered a single

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