Waiting on the concourse when she got a lucky hit


On the concourse when she got a lucky hit the airport tweeted a photo of the woman with her big prize. Steve Coming W B a P 24 7 News. W b A P WEATHER cloudy, a little rain and a high Today of 53 degrees. Right now it's 46 degrees at the F W From the W P A P News desk. I'm Can Jeffries your next update at five o'clock 24 7 coverage. WB ap dot com. The market is constantly changing The marketplace minute keeps you up to date. One minute at a time before your morning exercise play marketplace MINUTE operators filed for bankruptcy organizing your receipts. Marketplace minutes. It's been spending more on hiring. Bring your afternoon snack play the marketplace minute upward swings and into cities in Europe in Asia Marketplace, Minute podcast and Smart Speaker Think updated three times daily. Ask your smart speaker to play the marketplace minute. Listen on apple podcasts or wherever you get your shows as the Corona virus pandemic continues to surge. Healthcare officials are working around the clock to

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