The way to the Senate and includes $1400 payments for a lot of Americans. Let's get the latest on this. Joining us live now. NBC radio National correspondent Mike Power one of the chances this gets passed in the Senate, Mike I think it will get past it's gonna be a big debate, though. That's part of the issue and one of the big questions that had been out there is something that has been answered. Since we last spoke about this, which was as of officially Friday into Saturday, You saw that the minimum wage element be raised to $15 per hour minimum wage across the board for national minimum wage was removed from this now. Technically, it's still in. Technically, the House still wrote it in there, even though they know it would not be approved in the Senate because the Senate parliamentarian made the decision that it would not be able to be so. Thing that could be ah, just ID or or agreed to under reconciliation. So there's an entire different piece of legislation that is quickly being drafted up here that may actually penalize companies for not having a $15 minimum wage and then give tax breaks to companies that go above and beyond that, so that something is being worked out. But it's not technically included, will not be approved to be in the version that the head of the Senate will be looking at here for the $1.9 trillion plant. So what you saw was president buying over the weekend urging the Senate Move quickly to pass this rescue plan. They got the narrow passage in the house. There was a couple of Democrats who didn't even join in with the voting in the house to approve this, but you're about to get into the big debate here. That's going to be happening in the Senate on likely the IV. You need have every Democrat on board. If you want to try to pass this thing, because if we're going to use the reconciliation packaging to make this work, you're going to need just the simple majority 51 votes. But if somebody like senator mentioned or or cues in cinema don't necessary We jump on board. With that it could be at risk at not passing at all. Their goal is to try to get this thing done Joe by the 14th of March. That's when unemployment in its current state runs out. They want to get that done beforehand so they can keep the continuation of unemployment within that package running through the fall, But that may be an undertaking here. We'll have to see how this goes during the week. It's very popular across the United States with voters but at this point in time, not very popular with Republicans and could be questionable with a couple of Democrats. Yeah, well, the argument on the Republican side is that only about 800 billion of this was actually going to covert programs. Rest is bailing out states. Yeah, but part of that state problem is as well is getting vaccine centers created. That's a big part of the reason that the money would be going to those locations. There's also money going out to schools, so there is definitively other amounts of money that are in there. And I think that the reality may be at this point in time, at least with Joe Biden is trying to push his

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