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And over 600,005 Star reviews get started today go to head space dot com slash dream for a one month free trial of their full library of meditations for every situation. This is their best deal anywhere, but only until March. 31st so go to head space dot com slash stream Right now. Head space dot com slash dream. The latest weather forecast from news radio 700 wlw Rain moved out early Now we're just left with a lot of cloud cover and temperatures in the mid thirties to start the day. But by this afternoon it'll be a beautiful sunny sky with a high of 48 Tonight, staying clear light winds and colder down to 24 which will mean frost tomorrow The Sunshine is around for the day with high of 47 from your severe weather station on nine first morning meteorologist Jennifer Ketchmark news radio 700 wlw radar is good, the big 404 Degrees. Your next update at 5 30 Rock Carpenter News Radio 700 wlw. Good morning. How you doing there? It's 509 700 wlw Steve Hawkins in one more day for Mike McConnell. He's back tomorrow morning and 506 to get your rolling. But we do have some stuff for you today Rush hour. Be careful on the roads out. There may be some flooding issues we're dealing with. Also,

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