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I would just avoid that area for the time being. I don't know what that's going to do to traffic congestion right now. Things look pretty good. If you're on a freeway around Sacramento, those air running at the limit of matter which way you're headed into her out of town. Most of the time. Zero means nothing but it'll grow. 100 0 is something really something now through the end of the Montel group Honda is offering 0% financing with better than average credit up to 60. Months on Selected New Honda's visit. Outgrown honda dot com For details. Can Anelka of Honda Honda traffic on the tens? Every 10 Minutes mornings and afternoons news? 93.1 kfbk. Plenty of sunshine of the century and high 63 to 67 is staying clear much of tonight. Low 33 to 37 son shattered feet

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