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Background checks. A J. Green W T o P new double detail appeared 404 the other issue, of course, transportation around the region. What about major bridges in and out of D? C this morning? All a group of them are now closed. Some roads and other spans are actually staying open. D c. Police tell us Traffic will be allowed to move over all of the Anacostia River bridges, including the 11th Street Bridge, the Souza Bridge and the Douglas Bridge. Once you're in it and may be tough to get out traffic near Bridge is heading into the district experience delays throughout the morning and that's likely to continue until Thursday when the we Open at six. Sam 14th Street Bridge closed to traffic heading into the district, but outbound lanes remain open for more another travel options, closures and detours. Visit our website w t o p dot com Melissa how w. T O P news Where we where we stand in this 4 A.m. hour Wednesday morning, January, 20th will turn to rich in the minutes ahead to get an update with traffic and weather. It's four or five now more about the scene on Capitol Hill, the National Mall in Beyond the inauguration taking place at noon today. This Wednesday, security and street closures extend all over downtown ahead of the ceremony in the shadow of the U. S. Capital D. C Mayor Muriel Bowser, giving an update on security urges into the district are expected open back up on third. Stay. But when will the additional

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