Correspondent Andy Field explains.


In Washington more from correspondent Natalie Brand, President elect Joe Biden and Vice President elect Kamila Harris kicked off inaugural events in Washington with a ceremony at the Lincoln Memorial to honor the hundreds of thousands of American lives lost to the Corona virus Pandemic tonight. We grieve and begin healing to hell. We must remember. Earlier, the president elect gave a farewell address in his home state of Delaware when I die Delaware, Britain on my heart Today's inauguration ceremony will include performances from New York's Own Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez as well as Garth Brooks. You can hear the ceremony live on 10 10 wins with video streaming a tense and wins calm shortly. After 11 o'clock this morning when it all begins. It's news time for over three dozen people who will not be in Washington for the events, members of the National Guard that have been removed from their DC security duty correspondent Andy Field explains. Not all of them have suspected ties to extremists who invaded the U. S Capitol building. But A

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