Senate holds confirmation hearing for Biden's picks

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Biden is going to nominate. Dr rachel levine as assistant. Us health secretary she has led pennsylvania's response to the pandemic and is a professor of pediatrics. And psychiatry at penn state levin is also openly transgender several biden nominees will have confirmation hearings today including his choices to lead the department of treasury defense homeland security and the director of national intelligence. And npr's michele keleman reports the senate foreign relations committee meets to consider the nominee for secretary of state. Tony blinken a former. Deputy secretary of state blinken goes way back with biden. He was a staffer on the senate foreign relations committee. When biden was chairman. And he says he wants to help the new administration restore america's place in the world because america at its best still has a greater ability than any other country on earth to bring others together to meet the challenges of our time. And that's where the men and women of the state department foreign service officers civil servants. That's where they come in. Lincoln is a french speaker who went to high school in paris. His father was an ambassador to hungary and his stepfather was a holocaust survivor who was rescued by african american. Gi michele

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