Encrypted Messaging App Signal Sees Surge in Popularity Following WhatsApp Privacy Policy Update


Encrypted messaging apps signal has seen a surge in popularity following the. What's at privacy. Update that indicated whatsapp user data was going to be shared with facebook. Proper quoting macrumors encrypted messaging apps signal faced big delays in verifying the phone numbers of new accounts on thursday because of a sudden surge in people trying to join the platform in messages posted from its official twitter account. The nonprofit signal foundation said verification codes were delayed across several cellular networks and that it was working through the backlog as quickly as it could signals uptick in users was linked to the user policy changes at whatsapp and also linked to tweet posted by tesla. Ceo elon musk. Who recently became the world's richest person as noted by the verge. Musk continued a trend of criticizing facebook with a twitter post on wednesday evening following the attack on the us capitol

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