A highlight from WandaVision


All right. You're ready for this cold open. I am ready for it Maybe a okay. Here comes. oh that was a cold hell seltzer. Zero is yell at me for making mouth noises refreshing. Hello hey how are you. I'm good who are you I'm dan cardiff. i'm filibustered and this is classic countdown. conversations recount down. The best and the worst that media has to offer when we feel like it We're we don't really feel like it today. Well it's not a typical. We don't countdown nothing. We're not doing our top ten. Usual format here I swear do what are we talking about. Today we're talking about wanda vision. Yeah i feel like it's a weird week to talk about one division. This isn't going to be typical on division podcast. Because it's not we haven't talked about it weekly. We're not waiting till it's over with to discuss the show in general. This is just the week that we were able to to record together. So we're just excited about wanda vision and we really like it I know a lot of people. A bunch of people. I know are like don't like it stupid. Show 'cause they're dumb they don't get it they don't get it no that's not true it everyone's everyone's they can have their own pedal one person that i didn't like it was fully bay. Yeah didn't grow up in america so that's probably get get out of here know. Tanner also doesn't like it but he watched two minutes with me and he was like. I don't like these characters he's like. Those are like my least favorite marvel characters. So i would watch show about it. And then he watched like two minutes with me and now he's like every time we're bringing up. He's dumb. Show yeah tanner okay. Here's better years better. I mean maybe so. Yeah so it's not. We're not talking about the entirety of the show. We're not doing week by week. We're going to talk about everything that has happened already. And then do some speculation as to what's going to have your next. Two weeks is very specific to this week is very. We'd all listen to it now. It's a very poorly and maybe maybe you'll listen to. Maybe we'll make some really good predictions and it'll be like whoa these guys. What they were talking about. We should listen to him all the time. speaking of which don't go back and listen to our endgame predictions. Don't do it really bad. I actually a. You haven't gone back and listen to it after i saw the movie. I know we predicted a few things kind of right so is refreshing as it was the first couple of times Yeah so i when we do the speculation part of the episode. I'm going to cover a lot of ground. So i'm sure i'll be right about some things. Maybe i don't know I guess we can just dive right into it. We'll know what's been going on. I guess. I guess we gotta talk. What's new in my life. Yeah

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