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In july twenty eighteen twelve youth soccer players and their coach found themselves trapped six miles deep in a cave with no food or water and depleting oxygen and then the rocky mays became almost completely submerged as water rose to levels nearly impossible for survival. There was no light no way to communicate and no hope their only chance of making it out. Alive was in the hands of world-class cave diver. Rick stanton with the whole world watching rick and his dive partner. John were immediately faced with the challenge of their lifetime. Find the boys and get them out alive. The first season of one reason new original series against the odds takes you into the incredible events of when and adventurous group of teens found themselves fighting for their lives and the brave heroes that gave them their only chance at survival. You're about to hear a preview of against the ought while you're listening. Subscribe to against the odds on apple podcasts. Spotify or list. An early and ad free in the one-day up is late afternoon on monday. July second two thousand eighteen and extend is swimming through a submerged hellscape. He's fifty seven years old and is tall. Lanky body moves through the water smoothly. The glow from his led headlamp illuminating jagged walls of a narrow rock tunnel in front of him under different circumstances. Rick might be enjoying himself right now. He's one of the best cave divers in the planet after all and this tunnel is the kind of underwater maze. Rick lewis to explore. But this isn't an adventure. It's a rescue mission. Nine days ago a boys soccer team disappeared down here. Recast define them and get them out if they're still alive. Rick pauses and checks. His levels is running low and needs at least a third of a tank to make back to base but he sends us an area of the cave. Perhaps not completely flooded just ahead. If they're going to find anyone alive down here it will be an air pocket just like that one so we gestures to his dive partner. John von rickman diving with john. Since the early days they met as members of their english cave diving club and said a world record for deepest cave dive in england by day. John is ninety consultant. Who makes his own diving equipment but in his other life is a superstar and one of the most dangerous sports in the world. Rick motions with his flashlight and swims ahead. Emerging from the inky water into a dark chamber when he reaches the center lists office mask and the inhales. You smell that john. I sure do rick john of come across some pretty unusual odours adventures. But this smells like shit like wastes. Someone is here. Ripples at a flashlight and scans around razor sharp stalactites trip down from the ceiling. Hello bounces off the cave walls. Nothing but then something glints in the beam of his roving flashlight. A pair of frightened eyes staring back at him. He can't believe it there. In the shadows a few feet in front of him. Shivering at alive is a child below. The child says trembling voice then by one more silhouettes emerged from the dark. How how many your grinner rix back john. My god we found them. We found all of them for the past nine days. The whole world has been hoping and praying and holding their breath waiting to see if he's missing boys could be saved and now here they are up before rick can celebrate it. Hits him locating the wild boar. Soccer team was only half the mission. Now they're going to have to figure out how to cross k. Six miles long underwater and get them all allies from laundry. I'm mike corey and this is against the odds. Human beings are incredibly resilient in the toughest moments we fight we struggle and we survive often against all odds for the past ten years. I've traveled to over seventy countries. I've wandered the depths of the amazon rainforest. Cave dived in the yucatan peninsula in mexico. I've summited the highest mountain in africa. And i've eaten a few bugs along the way but while i've done some crazy things. Nothing i've faced in compared to the stories that these survivors have gone through for our first series immersing ourselves in the incredible story of the tom lang cave rescue. Imagine what would you do if you were trapped in total darkness. Six miles inside of flooded cave. Would you be able to survive the isolation slow drip of dread. That's the situation. Twelve young soccer players and their coach found themselves in in the summer of two thousand eighteen when the boys went exploring system of caves after practice one day their story made headlines around the world and brought skilled divers from across the globe who risked their lives to execute a daring rescue heralded as one of the most successful in history. What most people don't realize is what it took over the next four episodes. I'm going to tell you how our elite team of cave rescue divers military specialists and countless regular people achieved the impossible.

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