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You're listening to inside of you. Michael rosenbaum ryan's here ryan's always hear these days. Yeah well thank god. Thank god. I can't talk to myself anymore dude any longer and longer any longer you know and i talked about my dog but i definitely had a little bit of a break down today. 'cause you know my friends always like you're such a good dog dad and lucky gives you such great treatment in the mike and i'm like i'm not a great fucking dogs dad. Sometimes i feel like i'm just not his dogs at you. Know irv is is is really old. Now dogs of his age lived Type breed lip till ten to twelve. He's really thirteen almost died. Five months ago he was gonna five doctors a week. i have. ptsd. I'm carrying this eighty pound dog up the stairs to poop outside eight to ten times a day hoping if he'll shit i will at least thank god. He took a shit. Maybe now won't be all over the house or him and i Obviously relate to him because my poor son of a gun man. I love this guy. But the same time i'm like. Well he's you know it doesn't walk real. Well jess my former assistant. Who also still helps me out. She had a breakdown. We both had a cry. The other day are up. Couldn't walk and then the next day kinda walking better and it's just this constant. I'm just living zayed with him and so i he's suffering obviously way more than i am. I don't think he realizes he suffering that so they say about dogs may because there's not any pain. I believe it was

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