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You'll burke is go going every single day. What is your earth human being. And what's you understanding that you come up with something that will probably won't say every single day to get you to the next level so that's my challenge. The live the live that he talked about living the life that you hear live that type of life though operate and i'm still growing them still learning to do live without football but i'm taking the same principles and traits that made me very successful on the football field and just putting them into live in the midst of is. Hey everybody welcome to the show. Today we have part two with brenda. May he may have known him from his football days. You may have known him from our community. If you didn't listen to the first one you'd better go back and listen so you can get the back story because today we're going to talk about where he is now where he's going in the future and how it leads not just with words but he leads by example. Hey i'm karen i'm former. Cpa entrepreneur business consultant with big ideas. Welcome to tears to business mr brandon. May i'm gonna walk me back to part two of our conversation. Thank ms karen. i'm excited. It was so good last two. That's right now. We just too much to talk about your so interesting. And it's just caring. I appreciate the respect thank you. It's just cares last week. We talked about know your time clemson and going in fell in your mom who you loved dearly and you know you get through this and then you get hurt and you get to such dark place and you wrote a book. Oh and by the way a win on amazon and bought your book. I don't have it yet. And it said the last one in stock so you need to restock amazon. Okay yes man. Yeah that's crazy because Eggshell we've been pulled it off emma's you'll have to buy it. I got it for you. And i'm not sure what emerson got going on. They probably sell them stuff. Taking people money and not giving the books i give them a call and i'll y y. I'm glad that it went down like that. So you can follow up on it. That's interesting so you've written the book and that's kind of know you're coming from that healing. Is that correct to say it was a healing process. We stop the soul talkin about the injury n. Canada was basically a mix. And i went from this going. You can go human being to the pitt. Said every human being will experienced this type of film in their lifetime and the responses very own hobby respond allies little quote. That says now har har you get punch by punch and keep going all right so you always gonna go through days. And i had to really live up to this quote added. Think about this quarter had emerged. Myself his co. Had think about this quote with a castle my leg and a broken dream and and really felt like there wasn't worth living anymore. I really hit the lowest point you get hit. And as when i wrote the bulkin my grandma. She challenged me to let my pain. Go into something. And i begin to write in. This became my healing process the restoration process. And that's when i watch my archer per noordeen endangers count on with back up again. No of course was up a little bit and go flat it up a little bit one of those type of deal so i feel like i'm still in. The process of our restoration has been over seven years. But i'm still growing them. Still learning to do live without full ball. But i'm taking the same principles and traits that made me very successful on the football field and just putting them into live putting midst of his. You know. I was thinking about us taping today. This morning i was getting ready. And i was thinking you know when stuff happens i you look for. Who's to blame. And then it's a wisest happening to me. And i don't think it's until we get down to the most painful part that we go all right lord now. What do you want me to do until you get to that point right. We all have said in alaska so we all have plans goals opposition while a celtic goddess up. Their ages line is woman. This mail do do not know that. I have different plan for them and is just being able to be in on of submissions of south. Like i'm going to doubt herself every day. So i I never saw from relational crisis. His voice holy spirit being able to got into west. My next step and that was huge for me ashleigh. During that time. I went into that low point Visit in a couple of churches going too late night revolves. I went back to my road. Slapped my grandma who say war bates our rules and religious. Doug pizza to find myself so if anybody's watching this a here news You have to go back to that. Deep s sigrist spot. I know your secret spot. Not everybody's a religious individual. Your seat is five. That awakens unit inside of you. Find your being wet recall. That one incident. Are that one thing that you did as human being to keep herself back going. Go back to that spot. You hit those points. And that's how you keep gore because life is a journey is distance. I love it and if you just listen you know you don't have to be religious. You know you could be spiritual you could be whatever you want to be but i think instinctively that you know. It's ingrained with us what we need to do what we're supposed to be whatever that is some of the most unreligious people in the world they operate with the press that we talked about in the church. You got some of the people that go to every sunday school every church service in may some type of way they operate in fear. But you got people that are not even religious. They're they're using the process that we're talking about on sunday. So that's my challenge will live the life that you talk about. Live the life that you hear live that type of life though operating in a my daddy used to say teeth things one. Don't sweat the small stuff and other was treat people like you wanna be treated. You be treated like crap treat. People lake route is gonna come around. Well we kinda go forward with where you are now. Where were you going so named the different businesses. You have right now. How many dollars. You got just playing back with you now. Orly one of the things that he wanted to do coming into the year knees on last year's i wanted to go from being a machine-gun guy trying to a thousand bullets really hit met the net. Great hit something here. Here's something there. I was trying to too many things. We do that. a lot of businesslike. F- y'all archer nor you really struggle with trying to find that one dame that you can grab to and blow it and so you just get. You're going to start shooting like crazy now. I won't take sniper approach laflin. Those wanted to things that. I'm very very good at and i want to focus in on those things that i could get my back some results from those so i've been focusing in On creating a cash business. That's one thing that you have to have your arch preneurs ship something that creates cash most for yourself and my pressure washing company is actually. My caslow is that. I have multiple businesses after that way. It'd be real estate on. The motivation was be wearing koran countries. Sagas they'll be considered the cash flow but all these things formerly into life. It real estate. I do my own term investments. Why my chump money. But i got money coming in every week because we'd go into a new question. Why should i do real estate. And i do motivational speaking. And we're working on sundays with some franchises. where we we're gonna look more for the long term. Just don't remedy folios so just being outburst raymond burr's portfolio where you'd be very very profitable and then also be able to keep cash business. Do not fair because of infrastructure always right business failed because run out of money so china create ways to g but when it coming in so that we can or while his yeah people trying to kind of squirrel off and you have to protect that bread and butter right. I tell people all the time. I say are you wanted. Those human beings that win for call up say brandon look watching his commercial right now and that's a cool ideal commercial and i think we should go for. I used to be that got every time somebody called me. They got an idea ideas not paying bills. We're not jumping ideas. We like

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