Report: J.J. Watt ‘seriously considering’ signing with the Browns

Mason & Ireland


The browns on the first teams to show interest in signing defensive end. Jj watt after. He was released by the texans on friday and it appears that the interest is mutual. Cleveland dot com reports that. What is seriously considering making his way to cleveland. To play for the browns due to the cap space they have available and a roster he thinks can potentially compete for the super bowl. Now we all know it's been a while since any big name free agent shows to sign with the browns. Do you think that. Jj watt is actually a realistic option for them. So i've left or swipe right. I think it's very realis- either. You put them next two miles. Gary that i mean yeah. That's really smart right here. Yeah that'd be a great acquisition. I immediately went to the rams as a possibility the idea of teaming two guys who are three time defensive players of the year would be an unbelievable option. Here's the issue. They probably do have room to work it out but it might be a question of. Jj watt or john johnson and leonard floyd in that scenario and that world do you go. Jj watt or do you go the other guys. I would go the other two guys but it's close really close. So does cleveland one. Sign what i said. Who don't want to sign what they're what i

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