Mbappe Makes Messi Miserable



Only one place to start the show and that's in spain wearing finished barcelona one. Psg four he was messy opened the scoring imposs- with a penalty for then it was all about killing them by. He backed a hat trick. King on the goalscoring action as well seeing. Psg in complete control of this tight going into the second leg. In france craig. Bapai's imbaba story. The messy messy story was he was on the fringes but not entirely has fought because the supporting cast as a shadow of its former self inova but the only thing that went their way in terms of lock tonight. Psg was the fog to the dutch referee. Could have sent a theresa gayle from full stop for a second bookable offence. He away with now. That's probably why. Portugal took them over off because he got. He made a reckless challenge. Then he made another one. I'm really not sure. How the referee that the second yellow apart. Psg were immense the defendant when heart should the medfield was excellent particularly variety and and bobby stepped up stepped up onto the big stage. I mean they just took bacelona partner. Basically

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