The Desire Factor with Christy Whitman


Nama stay and welcome to live love engage. I am gloria grace rand today. I have got a lovely guest with us. Who is going to be talking about. Couple things talking about Becoming an energy master and also about a new book that she has out there. Wealth is coming out In april so First off. I want to welcome christine wittman to loving gauge. Thank you gloria. I'm so happy to be with. You will be are delighted to have you. I'm looking forward to this for quite awhile and let me share with you. Our lovely listeners viewers on youtube. Who this wonderful amazing talented woman as she is a transformational leader celebrity coach and love attraction as well as a two time new york times bestselling author not just amazon folks. Now this is york times. This is the big time Author of the art of having all an taming. Your alpha bitch loved him even allen. She's also the author of the international bestseller quantum success and as i mentioned a little bit earlier. She's got a new book. Called the desire factor is going to be out on april twenty first twenty twenty one She's also appeared on bunch of news programs today. Show morning show. She's attacks tock She's had her articles published. A lot of major magazines like people seventeen women's day and as a as an enough. She's the ceo and founder of quantum success learning academy in quantum success. Coaching academy which is a ten month law of attraction coaching certification program and she has helped over three thousand life coaches and helped countless others to unlock their power to manifest. Which i think we will probably also talk about here today. so i i'll christie. Tell us a little bit about Being an energy master first off like what what is that actually And and then what do we need to do to become. I guess what is it. Why is it important. Maybe that's yeah what is it. It's fair actually. Yeah that's a great question. I would big question when is it. Is you know you get to be the woops. Did i go out there you go. That was interesting. It shifted screens. I don't know why did that. So yeah energy mastery is really about you being the the employer of your life and therefore your creations and so we. Our consciousness is what creates our reality. We know this by universal laws by knowing that everything is vibration. Everything is energy and when we look at burley break breakdown what is our consciousness. It's what we say what. We think how we perceive or believe what we feel. And sometimes that's a big one because we don't wanna feel. We suppress our feelings. So we're still attracting from that place and then how we act and those are the things that we have influence over. We don't have influence over. What our partners are doing or how we want to change them or all the other things that are outside in what's happening in the world but we have a choice in how we respond to those things so mastering our own energy is really understanding. That you know life isn't sometimes full array moore's unicorns. Unfortunately there are things that happen right. We get sideswiped by information. We hear things in his could be shocking to the system and it's being able to feel the feelings to process them to choose the thoughts that we wanna feel really getting into a place where we are deliberately in tune and in check with our own energy because you know it very much looks like we're physical beings. We are right now. We're also energy and the way that we bring in energy is that we're energy. Receivers were always receiving an energy. We have trillions and trillions of cells at all have receptor sites on them that are needing energy and what most people do is they go out into the universe they go out to a grocery store and they get inundated by you know frequencies in energies in waves or maybe they call their mom or they call their friend. The friend is fear of something. So you're getting this energy that's coming into your system but if you're the one deliberately choosing the energy that you want to bring in now those receptor sites and the cells are filled so other people's energy bounces off because you are already filled so it's like urine energy receiver. You're an energy container right. We don't wanna to receive an energy and give it away receive an energy hold it ourselves. And then we're also energy transmitters and that's where the ways that we talked about we transmit energy by the words that we say by the thoughts that we think by the motions by the actions that we take by the perspective and all of that then by law of attraction comes back to us because if everything is waves of energy and it is quantum physics has shown it. Modern science has shown it. Einstein talked about it rate. Everything's waves and particles of energy. If we're the ones creating our reality by what we're sending out were the ones that are mastering our

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