A highlight from Prof. Philip Cook, Professor of Public Policy, Economics and Sociology at Duke University


Mike. Yesterday's purpose of Cook whose personal public policy economics in so charlotte yet. Eukanuba is a member of the institute of medicine. The national academy of sciences Director the n. b. e. r. workgroup on the economics of crime and co editor of the nba our volume inclined prevention Phil thanks for having me gil. I appreciate the opportunity. Yes thanks for doing this. So i want to start of older. People is to set the context for our discussion from twenty to the people's entitled the greek american gun war notes from for decades in the trenches Using a the says you provide an account of out research on gun. Violence has evolved over the last four decades intertwined with pollution ups of commentary. I do not much about this phil and so could you. To set the context for how gun violence might changed in the. Us lost forty fifty years. Assure i think that My perspective is as a scholar and a particularly As an economist and my experience is then filtered through the peculiar perception so that that we researchers have but what we've seen i think is that the united states Has long been one of the most violent countries in the developed world and that starting in the vietnam era there was a period where the homicide rate doubled stayed high for a couple of decades and then started dropping in nineteen ninety three And went back to where it was before the big upsurge and so My career has spanned period when the the problem measured by the homicide rate has doubled and then halved Which is interesting. But i will say that. The intensity of the debate about how we should regulate guns which account for most of those homicides that intensity has remained And if anything has become more burial and during that period of time he is not priced fills that you're saying So big line in the nineteen nineties and via back to bear we sort of started. In dubs of luma cyclades could say that confidently by two thousand fourteen. We were back to where we were say in. Nineteen sixty three and there was this extraordinary crime drop from nineteen ninety. Three to two thousand fourteen not expected Not well explained but it happened. and it was transformative in all the ways we would expect to the city. The is exhibited for the effect of of that crime drop is new york city and and in new york actually the drop in violence was even more precipitous And now the york is a relatively safe place to be. And that's true even in areas that used to be very problematic like harlem or the bronx Effect has been The the city has grown in population and in welts in the property. Values have turned around That it's really a made a big difference. A during that period of time and phenomenon as you say we happy one of the most violent of countries in the developed world so this is the phenomenon that happened anywhere in the world right. I know that australia and Best in europe I think the gun related violence at least has been declined quite substantially yes. I think australia has been successful.

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