A highlight from Episode 60 - GUEST Isaac Spivey -24 Hours in Boston, Fat Harden and Pig's Milk


Welcome to episode sixty of the spivey special podcast will. That's a lot of episode says more than fifty nine. That's a lotta sitting next to you. I don't know if i like it. Yeah i'm just starting to like orbit around kind of feel weird for me. I don't know. I think we're sinking up. How many days is an orbit orbital trip around me you have to ask. You can't afford it. i have no idea. that's math. Too much bears okay. We'll episode lineups day. We get our guest. Isaac spivey welcome to the show. Thanks for album. Me congratulations Sixtieth episode a lucky to be a part of it. But i appreciate you having me on. And i've been a big fan since day one. I've listened to almost all fifty nine of them. So that's pretty impressive since the first two aren't even on our website and they were pas not good. Yeah the only reason we really had because he texas and said hey how come i haven't been on the show yet and we said well we're running out of our cousins has been so i guess we'll bring you on now me sewed yeah excited about this one. I say we just jump on it. And just like gator in the getting loopy right now. I'm doing four days in tired. Big still van not as fat. But it's going we'll get there all right. We'll take a quick break and we'll come back with our first topic. Remember that the. Hey remember that thing. The moon landing jazz trapper keepers manners. South sunny d. yeah. I remember those things. Are you ready for some. Remember that thing. I really am and i'm gonna go ahead and i'm going to set the story. Set the story try. it's september fourth. Were in two thousand and nineteen back when you can go outside now. We're a mask one of those beautiful times back in the day and we are in boston. Hanging out with our guest here is expired and it was a pretty epic day so we thought that we would go running back for everybody and just let them know how one of the best trips that we've been on somehow. Our wives agreed to let us go by ourselves to to jordan's wedding. That's not the reason that the triple so good no arguing convert so we take a red eye right at first. i think it's the first read. I i've ever taken It was. I think i worked that day. I learned as we both started super early that day. So we get on the red eye I think ten o'clock hard time maybe earlier. Eight o'clock our time. Eight o'clock our time so we land seven forty one. Am boston so that's four. Forty one hard time on the flight. I got stuck in the middle. Somehow i don't know how that worked. We each wanted a good pillow. Trump got a window seat and actually got a little bit asleep. I'm stuck next to some guy. That's even bigger than meat. Which i didn't know the thing i'm getting sweated on. I got no room. I got fatty troy on one side. And fatty no name on the other side. And i do not sleep at all. The plane is tilting towards. Our side of the plane wasn't great so coming in to boston trip. I have been awake since like five. Forty five in the morning specific time. So we're all feeling pretty good we get into. We weren't that far. We actually stayed at hotel commonwealth. Which is actually a really nice hotel. Right around the corner give. Those was hot wire. Were you spin the wheel needs can end up where you're at yeah. I don't know how we ended up at this hotel. We walked in there with like our flip flops. In our basketball shorts more like we are under addressed. We don't we shouldn't be here or can you check our bags like oh we thought you wanted some spare change flex. Sorry on a plane for forever so we get to hotel commonwealth. We check our bags. it's would say around eight forty five in the morning. Yeah wait wait on isaac. He's driving up down. One of those directions and whole side of the country makes no sense. So zack and i walk around boston. We go take a pitcher. Outside of fenway. Right around the corner fenway. From our hotel in. Fenway could definitely see us too so we are walking around bosnia pitcher over. You know by the green monster ish. And or waiting. For isaac to arrive in isaac finally gets there in.

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