Right. A long holiday weekend for Ah, a lot of people and a day of service for some on this Martin Luther King Day


To dont telling you, this is primo weather because we have that sunshine. And the mild temperatures After today, some subtle changes. But today we'll wind up in the mid sixties to low seventies just a fantastic day in January. We're slowly getting some clouds and a little bit of rain dough tomorrow and Wednesday only a 20% chance of showers. So not a lot of rain. We're still mild upper sixties the low seventies tomorrow Wednesday, slightly cooler in the sixties and the chances of rate increased toward the end of the week. Thursday and Friday. A 40% chance of showers both dates right now. It's 43 your officials. Severe weather station news radio 7 40 ktrh. You've got trending news that matters. Houston's morning Use on 7 40 ktrh.

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