A highlight from Democracy Now! 2021-02-18 Thursday


There's just this is sad sensitive better and somebody's gotta do some planning after all this is over and make sure there's an alternative sources of energy. Millions of texans were plunged into freezing cold and darkness after a major winter. Storm overwhelmed the state's power bread which is independent from the rest of the country to avoid federal regulation. Republican governor. greg abbott's trying to blame. Renewable energy congressman alexandria. Ocasio cortez and green new deal. Which isn't even in place. Yet for the state's blackouts will vote houston to speak with professor robert fuller known as the father of environmental justice about the disproportionate effect on low income communities and communities of color. Which have also been hard hit harder by the pandemic then as covert nineteen infection rates. Go down the cdc says. It's too soon to lift mask. Mandates bottom line of work and the work best when they have a good fit correctly. we'll speak with infectious disease doctor. Monica gandhi about which masks to wear how to wear them. And how many then. We look at mounting pressure for president biden to cancel student. President joe biden has a remarkable opportunity to unite broad coalition of individuals together behind pool. Student loan debt cancellation. So if joe biden were to not cancel student loan debt frankly would be not only politically incomprehensible but it would possibly set up

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