How Harry and Meghan are building their Archewell legacy

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Welcome back to the airport the last episode before christmas. I'm feeling pretty festive mackey. How you doing. are you feeling. Jolly i am quite jolly. I feel like if anything the current situation has made me just launch myself. One hundred and ten percent into jolly cheer. I already watched a dozen movies. It's never watched as many holiday movies before in any christmas season. I don't know what happened to me. I think it would be due to the fact that we are currently in tier three restrictions and god. There's actually nothing else to do except to watch cheesy holiday. you're right. Do you have a favorite holiday. Movie need to expand my. Yeah i mean. I think it's all the see. I'm not so much into the holiday or those kinds of films. How ending this podcast right now. It's over the holidays family. Oh yeah the nightmare before christmas. Oh who much l. yes yes. Elvis is one of my all time favorite movies like regardless of holiday time or not. That's just like top three favorite movies of all time. One thing i've experienced this either. Haven't quite indulged in a made for tv christmas movies. God you've been missing out there. The best i just watch one co phillies died. Was it just amazing. We wanted to do was it was a little right. I think you know i'm starved. The content of the moment. So i am watching things that i would never have normally put on my watch list. But that's fine. It's keeping the entertained but these movies are amazing. They are absolutely everything you could ever dream of. I mean you have the like you know the the young woman who works hard in the city and goes back to her hometown where she was like a nerd in high school only to find that like the hot jock is actually now the third grade soccer coach and then they fall in love boom holiday. I find that as usually everything is fixed or solved by winning the town. Christmas singing competition. You know them. Well oh my god. One hundred percent hundred percent and i watched all of them all year. Well one thing. We get to indulge in as well this time of a royal christmas cards. We've got them in. We still censor. The sussex is card liza last year on its way we always had a real treat last year without really cute of archie. But we've had new pictures of the cambridge's and the prince of wales and the duchess of cornwall. Which we'll talk about shortly but it's also been a very busy week for royal news. We've had huge announcements from the sussex is from the duchess of sussex. Is i sort of public business. Investments to the announcement of a deal with spotify. We now have competition maggie. We're not the clock anymore i know. Welcome to the party guys. It's going to be fun and we'll have all the details from new podcast deal with spotify later on in the show but the breaking news earlier today was the duchess. A sussex had settled a legal claim against paparrazzi knees agency. They're taking photos of herself and archie during their time in canada at the start of the year this place at the high court in london where splash news which is currently in administration after suffering throughout this pandemic had were forced to essentially agree. Not to take photos of her harry or archie. Should they ever resume trading again the judge at haiku ahead for making solicitors at that the photos of meghan walking her dogs archie.

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