Coaching search updates: Kevin Steele the favorite at Auburn


Obviously we're in the middle. Coaching carousel to and i think the most interesting one right now is auburn I think they spent twenty one point. Five million dollars to buy out gus malzahn. We could argue whether he should have been fired or not the end of the day. He lost the momentum there and they the boosters put the you know got out the hat and collected the money and they fired him. So you think okay. You're gonna fire Coach gus malzahn. All that money. You're going to want to go out and get like the splashes possible coach. You can get tell us who's actually leading the coaching search right now as we reported this morning. That sources are telling me that the front runner for this job right now is defensive coordinator kevin steele and while that may blow some people's minds. He has some very very influential people at auburn who are big believers in him and in his corner at auburn. Especially that matters right so look We have a story up but the athletic now about who's in the mix there and the ones. I think one of the people who is really a big contender against kevin steele on this front is lane. Kiffin at ole miss But i think he would have a hard time turning that job down. I think he's obviously a big name. Now he's foreign four. It's it's interesting in that. I think a saturday's game between ole miss and lsu doesn't mean a whole heck of a lot. You know outside of those two programs. But i think it may may need a little bit of something potentially at auburn as crazy as it sounds because for some people at auburn i think they could shape it and saying all right kevin steele dreadful run as the head coach at baylor twenty. Plus years ago he was one and thirty one in big twelve. Play at baylor is a long time ago but people. I've talked to down there have made the case where you know what at had a bad record. The first time he was a head coach and he just won a national title a year ago. And my my counter. That was well. He did have to times as interim pretty lengthy runs where he was at least able to show people he's evolved and grown and those people said look a people at auburn feel like kevin steele's been the guy who's hold it together for them the last few years he is very well respected within the scc And so also know how. Attractive is lane to auburn. He did a really good job at fau their foreign You know if he loses to. Lsu's not very good this year. He's foreign five. I think probably diminishes a little bit No its first year. It wasn't like anybody expected out all messed great. But he's definitely a candidate As billy napier from louisiana Maybe who freezes is somebody that that auburn would push for. I think and you still have steve sarkisian there. You know also in the state of alabama So it's a really interesting. Search in auburn is wildly unpredictable. What does but From what i heard they would love to have a coach Decided upon by the beginning of next week

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