Donald Trump's Legal Hangover - burst 3

Trump, Inc.


Presidential adviser and first daughter ivanka trump and i'd love to read that deposition but it's not public. Can you tell me anything about how that went. I can tell you that She appeared virtually for the deposition that she certainly was not combatative And was you know generally professionally courteous. Unfortunately that's not the standard for a deposition. one is under oath. You're obliged to tell the truth. Unfortunately ms trump after the deposition tweeted out information that was highly misleading. She wrote this week. I spent five plus hours in a deposition with the democrat. Dc ag's office where they questioned the rates charged by the trump hotel at the inauguration. I shared with them an email from four years ago where i sent instructions to the hotel to charge a fair market rate. See below which the hotel then did. This inquiry is another politically motivated demonstration of vindictiveness. And waste of taxpayer dollars end of tweet. She has suggested that she was the guardian of the gate and she made sure that only the market rate was charged. We are confident that the evidence will show that. That's not the truth. Alan garton the trump organization. Chief legal officer has also said in a statement that could trump wanted a fair market rate. And he said her. Only involvement was connecting the parties. I think you're in a position that is kind of unique in history. You are a prosecutor leading a case against a sitting. Us presidents private business as he is about to leave office. Does it feel as unusual for you on the inside as it looks to us on the outside yes it does but it feels really strange weird. It should never happen again because it really is about is about the president's initial decisions even before he was sworn in to begin to profit from what would later be his presidency even before january twenty. It was clear that the trump family including the president of the united states sought to profit from monies that were to go to inaugural expenses or for not for profit purposes. Can you give me a sense of where this goes next. So we're wrapping up discovery and then we'll go to a phase where the trump inauguration committee will and the other defendants will ask the court to dismiss the case. We don't believe that that's warranted. Do the research and if you stay strong and fight illegal case with him and strongly the record is replete with lost. Cases forced payment and settlements. My hunches at. That's where we end up here. Where does this case which is centered around in the end. Not a huge amount of money and not a huge sprawling complicated thing. It's actually pretty discrete. It's a pretty small bite. That i think many people can understand. So where does this case fit in with the broader question of accountability. In your mind. Well i think it's a very important precedent to establish that the president of the united states should never ever seek to profit from his or her office. Indeed that's why the office of attorney general for the district of columbia also brought the emoluments case. And that's a case. Of course that involved foreign sovereigns plowing money into the trump hotel allowing the president thereby to unlawfully prophet against and contrary to the constitution. When i was doing my reporting around the inaugural particularly like around two thousand eighteen. I started getting a lot of documents and looking at each of the events and the parties and when they happened in where they happened and trying to sort of line them up and compare. It didn't actually seem to me. That very much happened at the trump hotel at least not that many public facing events. Did you notice that too. I did and we of course have a certain investigative documents and other evidence that really suggests this is about as far as i could go that monies were coming into the trump hotel regardless of whether people were staying there.

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