A highlight from Voter Fraud What Can We do to solve it?

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If you like this podcast. Okay folks This'll be a short video. I wanna talk to you about voter fraud voter fraud. We know occurred here in twenty twenty the november election. We know that everybody knows that the question is going ford and we're going to do what we can do to help. President trump get reelected. It's an uphill battle. It's a hard battle. There's only a three to five percent chance of actually winning. I know what the experts are saying. But realistically i say that because i know the players in the game you have the senate you have the house when the votes and the electors go to again as i said on a prior video to mike pence to be counted and certified by the president of the senate. Which is the vice president. Mike pence. i don't think i think he's going to certify that i don't think he's going to declare and not accept the electors so with that moving forward. I feel that president. Trump should've declared the insurrection. Act which that gives the president the power should the attack or should the issues be from foreign abroad or here locally domestic that gives president trump the power to enact the patriots militias also the military for president trump to go in and sees things he sees fit in other words. Shut down the media. Shutdown these big tech companies. Take the ballots in all fifty states. Put them in possession of the military and have them counted correctly and have them counted accurately as to see who won this damn election. That's he takes the power the insurrection act and we'll be a shit show yes it will would it work. That's the only choice that really. That's the only viable option president. Trump really has. You're relying on mike pence mike. I don't know how you guys are out there following this This video podcast folks. But i've been around for a long time. i've been around and other social media platforms for years and years and I just don't think i love. I love president trump. I love mike pence. But i don't think and the crunch because mike pence has been in politics for over ten twelve years in the now for another four years with trump so sixteen years pence has been around for a long time Former governor of the state of indiana. What i really think is he will turn on the president. He was certified the electoral the electors and thus giving the certification press. Joe president elect supposedly joe biden. President president-elect joe biden would win period and a story. it's all over you can you. Can you can play around and fuck around to the cows. Come home once. Mike pence does that and certifies. Vote the electors. It's all over and this would occur january six so i guess what i wanted to do with for

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