A highlight from The 2021 OHSAA Ice Hockey Playoffs


Ice hockey now ice hockey. Everyone makes it in the state play offs as a pretty much every sport except football except twenty twenty but never mind that but before that our conference playoffs. Now we're not talking about the greater western. Ohio conference no cross county conference action. Here we're talking about two conferences. The southwest ohio high school hockey league and the capital hockey conference. We're gonna talk about the conference games. And the reason why there's two episodes today is because of a madman that wants to prove that a local sports is a viable thing to talk about and not talking about a team changes name. You know about six months after it was decided. But never mind that. We're talking about the conference championships. First and then we'll talk about state playoffs. Yes it did mention dayton dragons while it was over. And you know that they're going to be a high team and stick with cincinnati. It'd be a foolish action to the dragons. Go since you know. You're in primarily reds country. But we'll talk about that later and plus you know it is pretty nice day pretty warm day. Considering

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