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To you by savage arms and today on the show we have a new york times bestselling author a guy who has been in the world of i would call mainstream media and also gun media in kind of everything in between but really sharp fell on the show. Frank miniter frank. Welcome in to here man. So so much to cover here. And and i actually forgot to mention. Actually which. what's your real job is. Currently is your the editor of america's first freedom. Try any political magazine editor in chief. So we as before we started this. I was just saying well you. You won't have a shortage of things to cover for a while now scary big time we're coming into It's almost too much to cover right. Now he just wondering where biden is gonna jump. I think probably the pta is a big one that he wants but let. Let's talk more about that. I mean for people who are sort of half paying attention. Explain what that is and why it matters to him. But that's the protection of lawful in congress and arms act at the shield for gun manufacturers and dealers that stop them from being sued when third party a criminal takes one of their their guns and used in a crime And take the chevy and running over. We don't do chevy in his case you don't shoot the gun maker. Not liable for illegally product If they broke a law they are liable would actually Biden and a lot of the politics on the left have claimed over and over again if that law protects them from civil liability for all sorts of things. It just protect them from that from a third party using it for a criminal misuse. If you take that law which is what biden. The city wants to do he actually called gun makers the enemy that during a primary debate call them. The enemy wants to pull that away. You pull it away. And we'll back again to where cities and an average person can sue the makers on behalf of what a criminal on behalf of The the victims for the crime Which would then really forced gun manufacturers and all those kind of things which would just drive them into bankruptcy. there's no way they can stay Making firearms we love if they have to defend those. Those mass lawsuits all over the nation. Well it's it's really like you explain. Well put it's not. It doesn't mean that they cannot be sued and they'll try to say the democrats or liberals will try to say. Oh well if we don't you know they they're immune no they're not immune to lawsuits and if they make a defective product or they have other reasons there but if they make a legal product and it's not effective and they sell it in a legal way. There's if it's misused it shouldn't be the fault of ruger and west and if a criminal a murderer does something with a product. And that's that like you said that's true for if they drive a chevy into a crowd of people or a knife for a louisville slugger for that matter it acts like the authors of it when out of their way spell out that gunman factors dealers can still be sued. If they make a product that fails done blows up in. Somebody's face or if they break some kind of law the illegally gun am or whatever It could still be sued for that but they can't be met third party that criminal misuse of their product. And as you said if they have to fight every lawsuit from a city level to a state level to a national level They really can't despite what people would think. And we have these names in our industry that are conic remington smith and wesson but ultimately these companies. They're they're big but they're really not that big. I know that we used to say. And i don't think they're even toys r. s. isn't even around anymore. We used to say the gun. Industry as a whole is about the same size as toys r. s. when you look at the revenue from from each year and so they just they can't afford to fight all these battles especially when they're when these cities and states are using your tax dollars to sue them for their hard metal manufacturer. I've toured a lot of the factories. They're making a product on a very low return not getting richard clothing makers making so on. I've tried to compare the firearms industry in america dollar for dollar to another industry to give people an idea. Just how big or how small. They are hard. Even disneyland was way bigger than they were As far as the dollar value it it was just very hard. Two of gun sold in. America is still made in america. Which is an incredible thing. But you spike with hollywood characterizes gun makers. They're actually they're pretty small right exactly and like you said the different margins melissa. I mean it's a it's a fairly. It's a niche thing. It's a very niche product. Yes there are a lot of gun owners and a lot of guns in the country. But it's not like you know tennis shoes not everyone owns you know five parrots competitive market to absolutely so frank. We've started this new year. We've got a new president. People are wondering what's next and they're also wondering. What should i do. One of the things that i've been looking at is some of these groups that gun control industry have started up over the last several years the moms demand and some of these groups that are fairly grassroots. I i see them. Being very active. And i wonder if our side is being as active. If they're paying attention here. I mean what are you seeing. Well they're not grassroots moms man okay. it's started grassroots but it was bought up by bloomberg. And it's a part of every town It's funded massively on that scale. They don't think and grassroots they don't have millions of members around the country like the nra all advocating and pushing certain direction now even during the last election we're running ads on healthcare and other things not related to guns because they didn't want to energize america's hundred plus million gun owners so they're not actually a grassroots look at the nra and it is grassroots state by state i mean going to the election. The grassroots organizers extremely active you in the street in the swing states interview with those people to see what's going on and put stories in and i was shocked as a guy who works for the just how much they were doing Grassroots that's the kind of thing. So i i don't see that big money being pushed down and a lot of politicians. You don't wanna lose those bloomberg dollars. They don't want it. He donates a lot to different campaign. A lot of causes They don't wanna lose that money. He's he's the big fat cat behind a lot of what's going on right now so then if you look at okay. What's going to happen in washington They're gonna have a hard time passing a lot right now with a fifty fifty senate I know i know harris can come in. And it'd be the fifty one vote to break ties so a lot of pressure on joe mansion. We'll joe mansion. Do he's already said he's not gonna get rid of the filibuster He's not going to pack. The supreme court God forbid that could end our second amendment. You said these things whether he holds two does not. I know he's up for election a couple of years in the state that voted more than two to one for trump. He's gotta be looking at that wondering about it. So that's that's a big linchpin right now in the senate what'll happen 'cause they got rid of the filibuster then yeah they could get rid of the pa And the weapons ban or so many other things. Yeah and and you're right. I misspoke when i said grassroots. I guess i was. you're right. They are not five million members like the nra is You have a lot of in their much much much much much smaller. You have some active participants in this. The whole moms demand thing. And i just i guess. I'm just trying to motivate our side to be as much as they can be and In a lot of that starts at the state level. You know everybody's talking about biden and all that stuff. What about the state level side and people get involved on that side of things. What

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