Philadelphia Eagles agree to trade QB Carson Wentz to Indianapolis Colts


So carson wentz traded to the colts again. We knew the colts were looking for a vet. We knew that the eagles were looking to move carson wentz. Whether you know you think that's wednesdays fall and the eagles thinking he's just not good whether you think has jalen hurts and the fact that they feel like he's promising young rookie who who pushed the vet out or whether you feel like. They're going to draft another rookie early. You know it doesn't really matter what matters is that will and we'll discuss that. Like i said another episode but what does matter this episode is carson wentz and the colts less. What will happen i. The eagles traded wentz for a twenty twenty one third round pick and a conditional twenty twenty two second rounder. Which if he plays seventy five percent of the snaps and twenty twenty one or seventy percent and the clothes made the playoffs then it becomes a first round selection in two thousand twenty two. I mean that's really not a lot. Not a lot honestly is really not. I mean if he is the franchise quarterback that the colts expect him to be since they made this trade even if it turns into a first round pick a third round pick. It's really not a lot. It's a lot free. Starting franchise quarterback. I mean. We just seen what staffer forgot. We hear what the texts wofford shawn. Watson it's this is really a lot no matter how you look at it however so from an ego standpoint like i said i don't wanna talk too much about the eagles on this episode but for an eagle standpoint. I don't feel like they got a lot But maybe this was the most they can get. They wanted to get rid of his salary. They wanted to move on so they do understandable understand. That's what you wanna do. You wanna do what you wanna do. Go for but i'm not a fan of giving them up for that for that for that price tag out at least a guarantee i. I can't be doing this whole conditional. I need a guarantee i number one number two round pick makomo give us some second round picks for picks to i get a player involved in their something so yeah from the eagles now point if i'm an eagles fan i'm a little annoyed. I'm pissed off. It'd be honest. He traded a quarterback who some of you believe instill and you didn't get a whole back and we know how hard it is to find. Quarterbacks like real quarterbacks legit quarterbacks so not happy from the from the standpoint of that but for the colts that is a win if wentz is who they think he is. That's a win. That's straight up win as all there is to it. So great job by the colts just for the price tag that it took to get him whence so far in his career. It's been pretty up and down right. I mean he's dealt with injuries. He's dealt with a bad team up. You know at times. That wasn't the greatest they didn't have the best of performances overall you know but carson wentz. I mean if you if you if you look at his career. He's been in the league for five years. I guess last year though some injuries doesn't eighteen he injuries and seventeen. I believe he has some injuries. So he's he's only had two full years. I believe he played every game but Regardless i mean he's had a really good seasons and then he's asked like not so great like last year was pretty bad. You know minus effectively play twelve games. Names a did play. It was bad it was his worst season.

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