A highlight from Adrian Lunney: Building sites, fiddle lessons and being a republican in Purley


I'm doug danny and you're listening to the plastic podcasts tales. The irish diaspora. It's reunion time today. Here at the past. Podcasts i've known my guest adrian money one way or the other for over twenty years since he and i both attended a screenwriting amoco's in london at the fag end of last century. Already a business journalist at the time he went on to edit such fierce titles as midtech innovation and the rather appropriately named plastics and rubber. Weekly and is now a pale guru with his own agency. he's also a member of the diaspora. Who story is both unique to him and typical of his time born in london to parents from for mana educated a public school but conflicted by his own republican leanings. It's a tale of having one foot in both countries but a home in neither. It's best if we let him tell it with a few moments of adult language included but first we discussed his love of irish music and playing the fiddle or is it the violin. I started with music about six or seven years old. I would say and a after here can whether it was such a thing as irish music and it was different from other music We lived in london bar brent and so It'll competitions all over the place in wembley brent hole So you play your sweat the piano with forty other kids and you might actually get some medals now. I recall it got you know 'cause silver and gold and that was all part of the funding the sixties wasn't it kitty competitions so that let me further in the musical matrix on I suppose i became aware of Folk music music Let's face it. I time because As a north london occasionally my parents who had leaves home at night and head out to the calc- mall was a national which of the two main Tonsils in in london in north west. London anyway And so they have always choose together and after cannot picks up the violin which is a a is a horrible instrument. If you're not prepared for it mean it's great But i slogged away and eventually when we had to move south of the river with much wailing and gnashing of teeth I won a music scholarship to The mina public school that i went to in croydon. Sorry and that necessitated keeping going with the music. So i kind of academy shackleton musical life really dug and arch. Music has been a very interesting Tributary i would say to the to the main flow of all of that. So yeah that's that's a musical beginnings and What i could. I could talk a bit more about the The physical background to that. If you want me to please go ahead. So i was doin' in hospital Coupon royal which is i london. Hispano get this. But it's a hanger lane the lane jari jar atri junction or whatever it is now. It's in north west. London sort of i guess healings the nearest sprawling suburb and my parents When they came over from matter in the fifties sets up shop in hulst and Above a shop. We want knife for very long A few months before we moved to Near the cheap station cool preston road. So preston road is itself Wendy paul windy minor on that kind of stuff. And i'm of eight. So i was six years old when the world cup happened. Nineteen sixty six.

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