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And the bengals really need help getting to the quarterback this past season so the bengals looked to turn to buffalo and the bulls six foot three to forty eight pound malcolm. Coons around six. He's improved a sack. Total every year for the bulls and also tacked nine sacks in two thousand nineteen and her top fifteen. Pass rush grade from plo from pro football focus and even with the short year. I think buffalo had a couple of games cancelled still got three sacks so might be a nice piece round seven number one ninety seven india's tie fry fogel up and down year this year. Three game stretch on november. Twenty five receptions. Five hundred sixty yards six touchdowns once the starting quarterback went down with injury in two games in december three catches forty five yards. So a borough out the helm i mean. Hey that might be a nice pick and the last one round seven pick number one ninety nine and this pick is from detroit lions and john kreese says. Go back to defense with cairo's tonga. Six foot four three hundred twenty one pounds. He finished the season with the twenty twenty season. Excuse me he finished the two of two seasons. Wow he's he's ancient must be good if he's still playing after a lot of years in this twenty twenty season thirty six tackles two and a half tackles for loss and two and a half sacks three quarterback sacks five pass breakups a forced fumble so type adele of developmental project. That's craves maybe he's a nice pick. And that is the end of the draft list for cincinnati. I still think offensive line has to be met up here. Get your whole fixed on the defense now. There's no reason why this bengals team should be at the bottom of everything. No it's too much talent on this team. I know the. Afc north is rough. But there's no reason why bengals should have another double digit loss season in two thousand twenty one just

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