Hampton Lintorn Catlin Co-Founder and CEO of Veue, 'It's So Much More Than Gaming'



I'm curious. What are your ambitions with view view. Sorta it is a live video. Commerce company so sort of focusing on a lot of these companies are doing sort of like. Qvc from home kind of thing. We've actually sort of. It's turned into more of a say in art form so it's a live video platform so think twitch or something like that and trying to make it much more than gaming so you know my my ambition that people can connect around their interests around the world and feel like they are sharing something together even though their remote is the world becomes increasingly separated and i really want to sort of build a positive feeling. Yeah glue is. The word used to bring people together about the things that they love. And so that's what. I'm trying to do with view it's video streaming which is a the wild west to be honest partly cargo cult. I could talk about that for a long time. But on the other side of the product rate video streaming is coming in the maturation business rules around logging in or comments or test. I wanted to to make those as you know. The the risks should be on the things that are different about your business or your technology so obviously the rails app is not handling the video streaming. Because that's not what it's focused on. That's not one of the powers of rails but everything else all the business logic all the rules and moderation and all that all those things you have to build in with the platform. That's that's where. I think rails once again really shines. So what does the tech stack look like. So it's rails for the web sort of layer using stimulus. Which i sort of i've been doing a lot of people react for many years now and decided to give stimulus to try and have definitely more. I've really enjoyed it but it it is. It does have its quirks. I guess would say and you know really what we're trying to do is use. The power of web. Ep is so there's been an this. Were stimulus comes in. One of the strengths is that like react. Tends to have the opinion that it wants to isolate you from the browser as much as possible. Like even when you're writing. Html you're not writing html you're writing a representation of different down that gets you know computed and dipped in kind of trying to isolate you from from the browser. And i think it's interesting about stimulus and specifically take on. This stuff has been. The browser has good stuff in it and he kind of missed that whole train. Which i don't think this really good but coming out the other side like i think these things all come in swings almost like of fads. I usually browser no the browsers. Great come back to it. And i think we're definitely gonna swing back. I think i've been discovering just how much you can do in the browser web amazing audio context and you know even css these days horrible anymore or still a little bit. But you know it's much better than it's been in the past. I think there's just you know just even the video like web. Sorry the power of web components. The video tags and i just indian is filled with so many presents that the w3c's been regular for years and browser vendors have been working on all pretty stable. And if you if you want to target the ninety seven percents browsers that support all these things and you don't care about the three percent as much. There's just so much cool stuff to do there so honestly the stack is rails with post grads pretty straightforward these days. We're using a service called mucks to help with the actual video pipeline itself and then mostly stimulus controllers and a whole lot of cool stuff going in the browser.

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