Pink's hot dog stand shutting down for several months, Los Angeles


In Southern California. We've had to make some sacrifices over the last several months as part of the fight against the coronavirus. Now comes another. You won't be able to get your pinks. Hot dog fix for awhile. Owner Richard Pink says he's shutting down his legendary L. A hot dog stand for two months because the worsening coronavirus situation in the region Given the shortage of hospital space, it's out there. Shortage of ICUs Shortage of ambulances, doctors nurse I don't want one of our employees or customers against sick, wind up not being able to get into the hospital to get treated. It's all about their safety. This is the second coronavirus closure for pinks. Calabria Avenue stand put business on hold for five months at the beginning of the pandemic, Pinks regular Steven Lee told KBC. He's planning to stock up. Had to come as soon as I heard that they're going to be close for two months because my birthday is in February, February, 21st and this is usually one of my stop. So I'm gonna have to get a couple of the freeze, I suppose. Richard Ping says he hopes to reopen in March.

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