437: Melnyk and the Rebuild; The Time John Muckler Briefly Wanted Gordie Wilson Fired - burst 09


James national football league six playoff games and honestly go into a little of a heavy heart 'cause this is The first Nfl playoffs where my dad is not gonna be around Yeah it was always a thing. Nfl playoffs or something. We look forward to maybe as much as nhl playoffs and just sitting for hours on end. You know yelling at the tv screen cramming as many snacks into our gaping malls as possible and enjoying the football. That was a real neat thing that my dad and i've done my whole life really and so he. I know that he would have wanted to to be around for this particular weekend with For the first time. I think ever six. Nfl playoff games in two days in one weekend. So it's going to be pretty cool right. Got those piercing images right. As as a kid. I got i got totally understand what you're saying. I can now. My dad sat in. I can picture the cigar being on his right hand side in big ashtray. When we when we were you know for for my dad night was hockey games back. In the old days hockey night in canada on saturdays there used to be in the summers. They used to be wednesday night. Baseball expos baseball. I remember watching that and then and then the masters also what what you did with your dad and the nfl. I did with my father in the during the masters right. And it's just it's so clear so clear the images those things right anyway. They're great you all you can do. Stevie is hanging onto the good memories man. That's all you got right because you can't change. What happened in getting old is not for wimps as my buddy always set right as you know. This shit's going to happen. But yeah god bless your dad and every other every other son or daughter who had great memories of sitting around with their dow's watching sports yup. Thanks that's a nice thought. And i wonder how much childhood secondhand smoke between the two of us. We consumed during watching football games and hockey games. Baseball yeah different times different times. Let's get into adult get six. Nfl games so what we'll do is look throw them out there and you can choose on the first game k. so you can So we'll go in order first. Game is going to be saturday. One o'clock indy at buffalo and buffalo is listed as a six and a half point favorite. We liked there. I'll take buffalo. I love the story. Got the bills. Next game will be the rams at seattle and i'm inclined just to seattle is a four and a half point favorite and i like seattle but only by a field goal. That's going to be a really close game. Thanks to the points. I'm going to go with the rams so you get seattle. They're seattle seattle's up for for an app favorite correct tampa bay's at washington tampa bay seven and a half point favorite. The bucks are all take

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