Meditation and Beyond with MindFlow App Founder Fabio Mattiussi

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Today. I'm interviewing fabio matuzici fabulous. Are you in mindfulness today. Absolutely thank you for having me. Yeah it's a great pleasure to have you here. And i just wanna share a little bit about you with mindful tribe and that is that not only. Are you the founder of the mind flow app. Which is the first adapt of meditative app. Well helped you started. Your career is a computer hacker which is very fascinating to me and you've always been passionate about the human mind obsessed with understanding. Why people do what they do. And as a result of that fascination you studied neuroscience neuro linguistic programming and even if they're happy which. I'm very interested in as well. And you've practiced on these things with hundreds of in your your global journey. And you're now a coach and creator of meditation courses and you use sophisticated yet easy to follow practices. Which are based on all of this. Is you have so so exciting to have you on the show fabio. Mindfulness mean to you. Well as you said. The computer engineering me has to answer with the definition by book that is focusing your awareness on the present moment but the therapies to me though that he's more used to work with wards has to focus also mind and fullness which in a way the way it is to fully use your mind potential. So how do you use that state of mind being so focused on the now to open your capabilities for everything. They are doing Whether it is in in sports or in business or more in general for your personal improvement. And that's what. I really like to see in mindfulness. See it as a tool for achieving what you want to achieve february. I have so many questions. I want to ask you but the thing i want to say right away is that i downloaded your app. Mind flow and turned it on and and check out a few things in the first thing that struck me was how incredibly awesome. You sound on that app. Your voice your accent. I just like. I just was absolutely sold as soon as i started listening. Because you have such an incredible way as a meditative. Your voice and accent. It just is perfect for that. How long have you been doing guided meditations to help others the way you do on this app. Well thank you very much first of all. It's a it's been a few years and it's interesting how it started that. I didn't quite do it to be meditation for a lot of people. It was just because my my family's back in europe. And i'm here in the us and so once. It was back in europe. After a course that i've done on an lp and hebron therapy and other things in that room and Obviously wanted to experiment new techniques that i've learned and my mom offered to be volunteer and so i did it a little bit with her and she was incredibly receptive to bat so she was a whole new experience for her and i was so excited to to hear her saying that she could swear that she was swimming and she would feel their the hands. Where moving and obviously she was not doing any of that because that was just in her mind and and so i wanted to create some experience for her because when you go by comb. There's a lot of people that you need to see. Obviously and the time is limited. So i couldn't quite do all the things that i wanted to have her experience and so when he came back here to the us. What i thought was well. I should just record it and then send it to her and then i thought the easiest ways just to put it in this app. She says need to download and click on without having a lot of loggins and things and And so i did and so she really liked. It was talion at the time. That was the first track. I created and she was happy to hear my voice. And you know. It's it's great to connecting as many ways as possible when families not near and so the some point. They saw that a lot of comments came in on that track and they even had people that were that. Were sending the were sending donations to me. And i thought this is incredible so i thought that if somebody is donating to me for for this it has to have some value and it. Three has to mean something for them. Because i certainly didn't ask for any of that. And so that's where i started to think. Maybe it can really make a difference in these and they started to create some more

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