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C. K G. So w love to gamble is well, what sort of the prop bets to you are standing out that you think make a lot of sense. And as always, you can get your bets in at fanduel dot com slash clay. What profits do you like? Well before I give you my profits for this year. I just want to remind everybody last last Super Bowl. You remember the calls that this show made about hit so many of the with the halftime show? We called the first song from Shakira. I believe it was she wolf. Do you have that? Do you have what The payout would have been better if I don't have those messages on my phone anymore? But it was like it was in the six figures. 100% if we would've parlayed All the problems we gave out last season for the Super Bowl. It was pretty ridiculous. The number of winners we basically just handed out so Right off the bat just to remind folks out there. You know, we've had a nice year on the six pack. We had unbelievable prop betting performance last year in the Super Bowl, So we're gonna try toe continue that trend. On Sunday, but for me I gave out yesterday. I really like this is probably my favorite. Prop bet of the game and you just mentioned the chief's office of line. It's a little banged up. There's no doubt So I love my home's longest rush over 10.5 yards because I don't think my homes is really gonna be sitting back comfortably in the pocket per se. I think he's going to be getting pressured. And I think that's gonna open up some lanes for him to run and get first downs. We've seen him do this all the time in the playoffs, most memorably against your Tennessee Titans last season, where he had that long touchdown run to in the first time. Fortunately, so I think something like that is Very likely to happen. So 10.5 of the longest rushing attempt for Patrick Mahomes is probably my favorite one. Also Leonard for net On the other side, he's been catching the ball out of the backfield like Crazy. During the Bucks playoff run so far, his numbers 3.5. Now it's Joost a decent bit to the over. But in the three playoff games for Tampa this year, he's had five minutes to Packers five catches against the Saints and then four against Washington. There's a reason it's you stuff, but I still like it because Tom Brady we all know he loves finding his checkdown getting a little bit of something at every single place, So I think he's gonna be looking towards letter for net and as long as his cement block hands don't show up too often. I think that one's a winner as well. Then, finally, Tyree kill has been just absolutely going off in the playoffs and in games that matter most for these Kansas City chiefs of the past couple of years, he had 1 72 against Buffalo, 110 against Cleveland. And then in the first match up in the regular season, I believe was weak 12 against these Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He had 269 receiving yards now, obviously, I don't think the bucks you're gonna attack killed in the same manner that they didn't week, 12 leading and basically one on one with Carlton Davis. But And that gave me a 200 yards. I think in the first quarter So I mean, I don't know how you stop this guy. He's the fastest guy I've ever seen in pads. So as long as the ball finds his hands, I think he gets this number. I've got a couple that I love here from the quarterback position. Fanduel has a play as a prop. Last play to be a quarterback, Neil or not. UAV? Yes, said minus 1 80 right team that's winning, decides to go ahead and take in the I just love that. Minus 1 80. I also love quarterback to be sacked first. I think Patrick the home's gonna get sacked a decent number of times in this game. I'm not sure how many times Brady will but I think the homes will for sure. So minus 1 25 Patrick Mahomes is the first player to get sacked. I think there's some some pretty good value there. I also think this one is interesting. And this must be. Maybe the chief's differ every time that they win. I don't know but team to receive the opening kickoff. Right. So in theory, this would basically be a coin toss right like I mean, but the bucks are minus 200. The Chiefs are plus 1 54. So maybe the bucks or take out that the only way I'm not an expert on the coin toss all year. Are the Bucks taking the ball first every time when they win and the Chiefs deferring every time to the second half when they win, so that that such that because otherwise you would think Ordinarily that a coin toss profit would be roughly even write like not whether it's gonna be heads or tails. But who's going to actually get the ball so that in and of itself, I think is a is a

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