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What's up people. Welcome to think. This is a podcast about politics. Race and culture from a poc perspective. Eyeing my jane of horse. Sam and i'm erica lorella. Y'all we have to incredible all-stars love win. this happens. Yes twenty twenty one february. We're ready for you joining us from washington. Dc is washing. I li each contributing opinion writer with the new york times wa. I'm a brown man from california surrounded by snow joining us from santa fe. New mexico is. Jenny may independent investigative journalist and founder of the newsletter. Indigenously welcome back jenny. Happy new year. Happy new year high friends two all stars. I love this love. That the molly's jenny by glad all right moving on also in the middle of snow in some deep connecticut and new england new england. And there's a lot of snow but we're going to start with what's happening in congress so there's just over a week until the impeachment trial of former president trump is going to begin the senate. I mean as per usual. it's been messy and that's like a nice way to put it. It's just basically been fucked. There have been reports that trump was struggling to find lawyers to defend him and over the weekend five members of his legal team. They're gone including his to lead attorneys gun here on sunday night however he announced that he did have two new heads for the his defense team. David shown and bruce castor. Of course we know that even though the trial is still happening at least seventeen. Republicans will need to vote with the democrats in order to convict trump in the senate. Which is i. Don't know. I mean i still hold your so. I don't know why because you know me but it's highly unlikely only five. Republicans didn't vote to dismiss the trial on monday. However reuters reported that dozens of republicans who worked in the george w bush administration announced that they were leaving the party. Still we know that more than half of the party voted to block certification. The violent insurrection at the capitol. They voted to block certifying election. Okay seeing the way the majority of the gop is still rallying behind trump. because they just can't get enough calling. This impeachment actually unconstitutional which is like what. What constitution are you reading. The question. was also you know because now there's all of these like will he be asked to be a witness in a trial. Yeah will there be accountability. What's your first take wash. no. I admire your optimism. I think optimism as needed. It warmed my heart To hear you say that maria snuggle jaded heart because you know. I have to be optimistic but i give you the republican party. Where like you just said. Nearly half of them voted to overturn a free and fair election where they have the hate monger known as mark taylor. Green not stripped of any committees She's a bigot. Who believes in jewish space later. End is an anti semite Yunan supporter and by the way. Now we have a republicans who realize that the base belongs to trump in even after he was impeached. Four trying to overturn the election remember. Who's first impeached for abusing his power to get ukraine to interfere in the election. They were fine with that. So nothing's going to happen. I've heard of the civil war. The civil war has ended. Trump and trump is trumpism one however there is something here where i think that the democrats can play on isn't it. They can just bleed off a few of these republicans who are leaving in mass and some of his corporate money in corporate dollars right. So there's a small civil war here that's happening behind the scenes. Yeah but the base is trump the basis marjorie taylor. Green base are the folks who voted to overturn the election. And i think no matter. How bad shit crazy. He gets this week or next week they will find a way to acquit him. That's what's going to happen okay. Jenny feeling the same way that it that is like a dose of reality. Thank you wash. it's the reality. I think that we're all thinking into but it's also you know when you look at people like marjorie green. She affirms the fact that you know this crazy train has already left and she missed it. And i think that we're all moving on. And you know full will fall where they may and they might not be. Perfect in terms of holding trump accountable. But i think that this country is for the better of just moving forward. You know i always see things from indian country perspective and you know we had three out of the six of our congressional leaders. Vote to block the impeachment of trump. And you know to support overturning biden's victory. I just think that that's crazy. And one of them has been the longest serving congressman for indian

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