Philadelphia Union unveil 2021 secondary jersey



I gotta ask you about the big story of the day the philadelphia union out here blowing my socks off with the second kit with the lightning bolts with the sons of bins colors. might not be up your wheelhouse. But i i love this. These are the little offseason things that i see that. I'm god i can't wait to see the union where this kid. I love the fact that the union went out and didn't just say hey we'll ask a couple of people will do some surveys. What do you think this club represents. No they stuffed a bunch of people in a room. They made them part of the process and from that was birthed a magnificent kit that i am basically begging the union to send me right now. I didn't really realize i was doing that. But i am doing that. So philadelphia union. If you'd like to send me a kit. I wear large. I love what you've done. It's a beautiful beautiful thing yet so kit discussions. They're not my wheelhouse story. That mixed metaphors are up your wheelhouse but no it's gorgeous and it's distinct and that's what i really care about does. It doesn't look different out. There is it immediately identifiable when you turn on the tv. And you're watching this team And i liked the fact that the union have gone in that direction. My favorite kits around the league over the years have been the ones that stand out a bit and this certainly Certainly checks that box

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