Former Boston Red Sox star Ortiz on Pedroia: 'It wasn't about size, it was about balls'


I simply want to point out to you. Sort of a time in sports history. Okay i'm gonna give you the quote from that time because when you think about the people involved in the quote i'm going to read to you. This seems like a lifetime ago. In terms of how baseball mattered in this country now the quote is only from david ortiz about pedroia but this seems like a different time in america. When you think about what the red sox have become and how different baseball is than it was then and baseball. Doesn't even have a david t somebody with the star power in connection to a city in big moments baseball. Where's that for baseball right now. In terms of you know the america falling in love with a baseball story because it's in the post season maybe kershaw. La maybe so. Yeah so david. Ortiz comes from boston strong. You know bleep. with our city. He was a sort of feels like an icon from a different time and he played with pedroia and here is what he says about pedroia and this is the quote this is basically exactly how david ortiz would say but it feels it feels so from a different time to me stugotz that it feels like the black and white days when people would go to baseball games suits and old timey hats and it wasn't that long ago it was just a few years ago but here's david ortiz. About pedroia quote. He showed he showed the whole planet. It wasn't about height. It was about ball's if i had to pick one player to pay to watch it was dustin pedroia. It's just bobby bobby. You're laying on syrupy thick with your lovable. Hispanic and the gap toothed smile. You've just given the pr machine what it wants. Put draw a more popular in boss. I've read some reports that he was more popular more better q. Rating than riana not surprising droids in the american saint in boston

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