Long-serving Saudi oil minister Ahmed Zaki Yamani dies at 90


Long time. Saudi oil minister Shake Zaki Yamani He led the kingdom through the 1973 oil crisis, has died in London at the age of 90 food in Mecca. You money had been appointed Saudi oil minister during the 19 sixties as the wealth that oil brought to Saudi Arabia was starting to pour in. He was instrumental in setting up the oil producers organization. OPEC Throughout his long career, he remained a voice of moderation in OPEC, but by 1973 Arab demands for oil to be used as a weapon in the Israeli Palestinian conflict could no longer be denied. 1975 and OPEC meeting in Vienna was infiltrated by the international terrorist Carlos The Jackal Shake your money had been marked for assassination on was only reprieve when last minute concessions were made. To BBC Sebastian Usher the

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