‘Slow And Steady’ Storm Could Drop Up To 6 Inches Of Snow In Boston Area


Was our break in the action, and now we're back to winter weather. Plenty of precipitation in the forecast for today, and also it's a Tomorrow we'll see some areas of light. What times of moderates? No Phil back in on Friday will be periods of some light snow out there, and some rain drops even asleep pellets mixing in across Cape Cod and the islands. It's kind of stretched out over a long duration plan that is WBZ TV meteorologist Eric Fisher. Winter weather advisories in effect from Noon today, through seven o'clock tomorrow. Right now, we're looking at that snow for greater Boston starting around noon today, anywhere from 48 inches of snow. When all is said and done tomorrow for greater Boston Up and down the coast could see a little bit less with that precipitation changing over to some rain and some sleep potentially later on is this thing gets going, but certainly You can expect around lunchtime today and then for the next 24 hours, it's going to be an absolute nests. And we're not

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