The Art Of Showing Up For Yourself By Kathy Robinson


Living a mosaic life cathy robinson of athena wellness dot com. I recently had a conversation with christie mclean a multimedia documentarian coach and global advocate. Who shared an alternative approach for those who may have felt frustrated by past well-meaning career advice to follow their passion chrissy recommends welcoming all interests into your work by exploring activities you enjoy and creating a values aligned portfolio when she was creating her own portfolio many years ago and exploring themes running through her numerous passions. She asked herself this question. Are there ways you can connect your passions in unusual in creative ways so you don't walk around feeling splintered and fractured but instead make a beautiful mosaic of all these different things. I love the idea of mosaic career. In fact i love the idea of mosaic life. The word mosaic means to use tiny parts to create a whole image or object but the word originates from a greek term meaning to muse in other words to reflect or meditate to be absorbed in thoughts to wonder in dream. I applaud those. Who know what they want to do early in their lives. And never waver from that path for the rest of us a mosaic life is such a gentle approach that takes the pressure off of finding that one thing a mosaic like a puzzle suggests play if feels like a wonderful invitation to allow our imaginations to wander amongst the things we love and welcome all the pieces of ourselves the broader and more diversified the better if a mosaic approach sounds intriguing. I recommend a three part process that found to be effective gather curate and connect number one gather. Does the fun part where you get to collect. All of your interests can be like clues or insights in the form of words values images sayings lyrics poems or quotes. You can recall a time when you felt a sense of meaning and got lost in time. Maybe there are favorite books blogs movies podcasts or just times when you felt moved by something or someone the things on your list don't need to make sense nor do they need to have the potential to earn money. They just need to be things that stir you in some way number to curate. Next highlight the items on your initial list that you feel completely drawn toward at this time you can keep the full list for later reference but for now will down your list as if curated an art collection creating space can be to honor and work with the items that are most enticing and number three connect lastly think of the type of life he liked to live or continue living which may include how to be of service or provide value in a new way with that as a backdrop begin to look for themes in your curated less does may take experimentation over time to shape tinker and make some order out of the list. Here's to put all of this into action. Select one thing from your list and take a small step toward it. You can do some research or schedule a bit of time to be in that space with all your heart. Did he is to spend time doing something that increases your energy allows you to lose yourself for a bit and makes you feel great. Once you're done. You may find as i do that. If you do this routinely your mood will get you naturally begin to spend more time doing the things you love. It doesn't happen overnight but the more you enjoy this time. The more the sacred space you're creating will expand has will your ability to become the mosaic assist of your life journal reflections if money time and family support were no object. How would you enjoy spending your time each day. What is the one thing. You'd like to spend time doing for the pure enjoyment of it. How about you take one step toward

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