Top 10 Team Success Secrets Revealed


So Julie, we are talking about team-building and we were we pick this back up last week and the essence of our philosophy on teams is were being a succinct about it as possible. We are absolute Advocates of building teams, but we're Advocates of building teams that are designed not profitable from the onset not hoping and praying that there's profit left over after the transactions are you know have fluid through exactly. So last week we talked about the things that our team eroding Team Dodge straying making teams fail and we didn't want to keep it all that negative. But some of those things are obvious some of them are underlying until you discover them. So we went over all ten points that are a destructive and now we're going to talk about successful teams what actually makes for a successful team. So I'm going to jump right in if that's absolutely okay. So number one maintaining the magic number of lists wage. All times so successful teams maintain the magic number of listings at all times and know how to replace listings as they sell in a predictable duplicatable way lead generation is proactive prospecting based and marketing enhanced a lot to that one point your team me up for the real estate treasure map. I am indeed. And so what this says guys when she talks about the magic number, it's simply a formula that we both know created basically years ago and lived for years and lived for years. Right when we sold real estate cuz it's love you guys know Julie and I were selling between 100 and 200 houses per year for about ten years old over a hundred houses our first year in business in the early twenties. And so the real estate magic number is simply the number of listings you needed all times do meet or exceed your financial, you know, your goals your expectations your obligations, your commitments, the real estate magic number is not complicated to figure out but it is critical that you understand the concept because it's going to save you from a lot of the pitfalls that frankly ruin agents businesses and their potential reality. We want to give you the real estate magic number. Yep. To give you the real estate treasure map the real estate treasure map the essence of the treasure map the essence of what the treasure map is, it's our fill in the blank business and personal life plan. Its you got a business plan but really truly is a life plan and when you complete this the output is going to be a lot of important numbers the most important of which is knowing the number of listings you need at all times to meet or exceed your financial goals and expectations. So what I want you to understand is that you're going to most likely fall behind your actual potential if you get too distracted from anything other than focusing on the magic number of listings you need at all times. So you should receive this and it is free. You can buy this on the on Amazon, but I want to just give you this book. Okay, it's called The Real Estate treasure map. Just text 20-21 855-685-1055 text 2021 to 85685 10:45. And when you do we're going to text you back a link to not just the treasure map, but also a lot of other great books, including your 12 monthly generation guide and thinking Rich for Real Estate, which is an iteration of Napoleon Hill's great book Think and Grow Rich. Yes only it is practical and tactical translating how you actually use what you read in Think and Grow Rich. So let's say this point just for a second because when I have or you have an agent who's considering joining a team one of the first questions I asked if they've identified a team that they might want to join is does that team actually get listings? Because if they have no listings or very few listings or they're not, you know, established as a really Kick-Ass listing team. You should keep looking absolutely because they're not going to have enough for you but that goes actual circles back around to the you know, free previous points. We made by why teams failed. Yes. The biggest reasons is cuz there are all predicated on buying leads right teams will fail and you'll always fail if your business is dependent on being passive and bring your business. Nothing more to say might drop in K, but I want you to think about this guy's it's a very interesting concept Julie and I teach you to be proactively lead-generating first and and then based off. Want to look at marketing, right? There's proactively generation. There's passively generation or there's proactive marketing and there's passive marketing. Julie and I are always going to tell you to be proactive marketers and Lead generators first. And then if you choose not to be passive, then you can choose to be passive after you've mastered the Art and Science of being a proactively generator. I know that just sounds like I'm playing with words but it really is critically important and here's the essence of why it's important in listen to them. And if you've been in real estate for any amount of time you're going to end you're going to say hallelujah when I'm done saying this ready many of you are being taught incorrectly really bad business techniques where you're supposed to basically by your business and buying businesses in the literal sense from like over paying a referral fees, but it's also from social networking from branding any of those types of passive activities that are absolutely need that guy's of every real estate, you know, evangelist nowadays. They're all going to tell you work on your brand. They're all going to tell you to buy leads or all going to tell you clever Facebook ads and Instagram videos and hell even Clubhouse write them off. Always looking for ways to generate leads passively but here's the ultimate fallacy in that. It's unpredictable. You cannot predict when you're going to get something from the passive be we know that they digital generated off essentially internet generated at or I'm sorry leads are the worst quality leads that you can possibly get oftentimes. No better than just going to an old-school phone book and ripping out like ten pages and having an calling those leads the leads you get from online lead-generation our garbage and you guys know that not that people I'm not saying that I'm talking about lead quality. So be very clear about that. If your goal is to generate a bunch of leads that might someday hopefully within typically it's eighteen months three to four percent will actually transact. There's no guarantee. They're going to transact with you again. Does anyone think about this or tell you the truth about all this? No, they do not why cuz they're trying to sell Young Generation. But the biggest reason why we want you to be proactively generators is because this great analogy that actually are heard which I wish I would have thought of cuz it explains it so succinctly you're going to build a mansion. Yep. Engine is going to be your future. The manager is going to be represent the future of your family maybe but it's a literal Mansion right? It's your financial future. It's your potential reality going forward.

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