Florida restaurant goes viral with 'face diapers not required' sign


A restaurant of florida getting a lot of attention for its mask policy after social media post of an x. Through a mask and the words face diapers not required sign posted facebook by the owner. Becky jax food shack in hernando county which is north of tampa. Jesse foxtel's a florida tv station that he posted the picture on social media so everyone knows the policy before they arrive to chow down. The doesn't appear to actually be posted at his restaurant. But the eatery wrote in its post that it's using the same policy that does not require masks for customers and their staff. Face masks are not mandatory hernando county and faulk says if they were he would follow the rules. The cdc recommends that restaurant employees and customers wear masks as much as possible. Not eating or drinking. And when social distancing measures are difficult to maintain cj

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