Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser on securing Biden’s inauguration


And here in our nation's capital, there is a new ring of security and its historic, led by the U. S Secret Service. The National Guard police from the region and intelligence officials setting up checkpoints and barriers across the city, especially here on Capitol Hill and around the White House, D C. Police chief Robert Conte and the mayor of Washington, D. C. Muriel Bowser. Outlining what the city will look like for the next week. How many National gardens Guardsmen will officially be in the area? We're just getting ah, Couple of conflicting reports, and I'll throw this out there to Mayor Bowser. Recent report showed that you were just the target of an attack on January 6 that just came out today. Based on some court court records one. Do you have any plans to beef up the security around for yourself and two? Can you just comment on the fact that there has been a threat against you? When asked the chief to comment, or she's responsible for my security. Absolutely thank you. For all the questions the first one respect to the to the National Guard. Those numbers the final numbers because this has been designated as a national special security event. The final numbers will be provided from the United States. Secret Service. Thank you can expect to see somewhere upwards beyond 20,000 members of the National Guard that will Be here in the footprint of the District of Columbia response to the mayor's security. Obviously, the Metropolitan Police Department personally were responsible for that. But we do not discuss the specifics of the Bears a of her security detail. Thank you. Okay, Michael may about in addition to which you've already proposed in terms of planning for the inauguration. There's also been some other pretty extreme measures that have been floated. Governor Hogan alluded to stop Being metro service and a broader DC lockdown. We've also heard about restrictions on hotels and even stopping and tax services. Are there any updates on these measures or anything else you're considering Michael. Thank you for that question, and I we should ask D C residents to expect some impacts to transportation. That includes Metro that, in addition to the roadway closures or perimeters that have been set up in D C theme service may recommend some other changes to transportation network system, including roads around the city. And when those things have been determined, we will let you know. That is not Tuz the overuse word that is not unprecedented in the planning for the first Obama inauguration, for example, there were while the I would say that the are law enforcement was responding to a couple of things. In that case, as you

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