Side Effects of Watching the Coup as a Black American (with Brandon Victor Dixon)

Small Doses


Starving stop yes sounds so funky. Welcome to episode of small doses. I mean net people. We have listen. We typically like bank episodes. We might do some some episodes. That are more evergreen etc. But i have never been more happy to be in a space of timeliness because we absolutely got to talk about the insurrection. Slash cu slash. Just dumb. people being done. That went down on january six. And i think for all intents and purposes a lot of us watched it as black people in much of the same way and that's today's episode is watching. Because i think you know this is gonna be one of those episodes where my goal is that. You're in your car like yeah at least four times and so joining me on. This journey of remembrance is my very good friend you previously heard him on side effects of platonic friendship. You have also seen him on. Such shows as power and as such stages as broadway performances. I mean he's a. Tony award nominated actor and performer as lousy emmy award nominated actress performer. Any also producer any also is the founder of we are dot org which is an organization that is all about mobilizing folks voting black folks particularly It's actually it's motive. Motoring he will to sees the levels of self-determination right so on which i am a board member. But i'd say all of that to say that he is also a as negro and so so here we are never ending also yes. We are on camera but remember. This is an audio. I've this is an audio genre so please continue to all of my expression broadcasts. Yes 'cause y'all i'm seeing is yucky. Here is here mustache though. 'cause that's dash in full strong

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