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The promise podcast brought to you on. T. lv v. One the voice of the city that is home to professor amir to ler of the biomedical engineering department of the fleischmann faculty of engineering at tel aviv university. Who working with dr. A ya'll forgiven has just founded a new company that will make cow's milk from yeast. The company is named imagine dairy a portmanteau of imagine and dairy and it's slogan is real milk. No cows tamir cooler. It is perhaps worth. Noting holds four bachelor's degrees two masters and to phd's the latter being in computer science and biology. If you are a regular reader of the scholarly journal scientific reports you lately have seen his article quantifying the distribution of protein only gummer ization degree reflects cellular information capacity or. Perhaps you know him from one or several of his other one hundred thirty scientific publications of imaginary to ler says it is important to realize that quote. This product is not a milk substitute like almond or soy milk. We plan to produce products that will be identical to products that come from animals by introducing into yeast genomes the genes that code for milk development and cows. Theoretically we can reach a situation in which you can't tell the difference between cow's milk that comes from cow and cow's milk that comes from yeast in order for that to happen in an economical way. We must turn the yeast cells into efficient factories that produce milk proteins with the help of models. We developed in the laboratory. We believe that within a fairly short time we will succeed in making yeasts produce milk proteins in efficient way that will enable affordable high-quality industrial scale production. In a fairly short time we will be able to prepare in our own homes toast with yellow cheese. That was made from yeast not from cow's milk without having paid any more for it end quote which is astonishing. A miracle really and all the more so when you realize that. Yeast are very small. Compared to cow's a milk cow can way nine hundred kilos and in that little bag that weighs one hundred grams. you get like thousands of yeast which means that the others on the east have got to be just teeny and so hard to milk which is just one reason why i love science. So damn much also professor. If you happen to be listening when you succeed as we know you will end. You're looking for names to call your product on supermarket shelves. We humbly submit these suggestions for the whole line of products. Obviously legendary didn't watch ten seasons of how i met your mother for nothing for individually wrapped. Cheese slices solid derry for fattening things. You're not sure if you want to eat or not like say bree quandary. because it's a quandary. Do i eat it though it do. I not eat it for cheese. Packaged and honks. That look like slabs of rock lapidary for cheese. Sold in bulk to high school cafeterias secondary because their secondary schools for milk to drink while doing needlepoint embroidery novelty cheese shaped like a camel. Dromedary obviously though you might want to save that for cheese sold in theaters with wine at the intervals. These ideas are yours professor. Gratis use them as you see fit though. If you wanna put me on the payroll. I'd be delighted to be stipend dairy and arguably nothing captures. The every. david can be goliath spirit of the city. We love so well tel aviv. Ya better than putting eight university degrees to work. In the service of teaching lowly east to produce milk saving cows from lifetimes of confinement reducing the amounts of methane released into the air each year by gigi tons thereby increasing the humanity while reducing the ecological footprint of my morning cereal for nowhere on earth is more dedicated than tel aviv. To the proposition that a thing can be another thing and it should be because after all change change is always inevitable and often for the better with us in the studio is a woman who's lovely prose several times. A week outcome is is the world around us into a place that it's easier to understand and to appreciate. I refer of course to alison captain. Summer allison is written for politico the new republic foreign policy the jerusalem post the data the ford and many other of your very best papers and magazines. She is a columnist for arts. You have heard on. Npr and the bbc and you have seen her on twenty four television aljazeera tv. You can meet more of your captains marianne needs these days by listening to her host the haaretz weekly podcast alison always holds a ba neighbor world center award for journalism recognizing excellence reportage any simon rock our award for excellence and covering zionism and alison. How are you doing. i always hold it. I walk around holding it all day. Long crazy it's crazy. I have a vegan in the house. So you know. This was not news to me. I found out about it My daughter mentioned. I think last night or this morning. Can i suggest a slogan for the new product please do. It's utterly delicious absolutely okay. We're gonna pack his these together and send them off professor to learn he's gonna love also with us in t. v. one satellite studio in far saba. And you heard a moaning. Just a moment ago is a man who's virtues are so great an obvious that they will never require embroidery. I speak of course of don. Vitamin don is the director of the mariah fund israel and the director of the israel center for educational foundation. He is also the author of a new podcast of one man. Stage plays called fudd. Herman's one man show don how you doing i'm good. i'm just wondering if cows are gonna develop east in response to this. And then every time it gets hot they will rise and turn into hollow. It does seem like it can be an infinite regress with yeast infections and the east produce milk and the milk produced so complicated tie-ins as complicated as for me. My name is no ephron. And i don't mean to boast but this past sunday in our biweekly researchers seminar at the university i presented my cv of failures describing every grant that i've been turned down for every fellowship that i've missed every article i've had rejected every job. I haven't gotten this. Let the grad students know that if they encounter a setback. Well we all do we. Just don't talk about it. But it's out there and i don't mean to brag. It's really not how i was brought up but my presentation was so rich in detail so long so convincing so painful that the students are now sure in the knowledge without even the faint doubt that i am the biggest failure in the university. Maybe an all of academia this week. We have three topics of great importance. But first we have a matter that we are following with alert interest in great concern as part of an occasional series. We call the promise. Podcast ponders pained politicians pondering the palliation poets as well as a matter in memoriam. In the course of impeaching the american president. This week speaker of the house of representatives. Nancy pelosi said this. Mr speaker joined the trump presidency this for years and especially during this time i recall the words of a great isreaeli poet ehud manor and that's what he said when he said i can't keep silent in light of how my country has changed. Her face won't quit trying to remind her in her ears all sing my cries until she opens her eyes. I can't keep silent of how my country's changed her face. I urge my republican colleagues to open their eyes. Pelosi was referring to the song. Ainley era too for which the great lyricist you'd manure wrote the words and corinne allow wrote. The music here is allowed singing together with gali atari the part

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