Trump's second impeachment: Timeline of events by Julia Manchester


Manchester Political reporter at the Hill. Thanks for joining us, Julia Thanks so much for having me. The House has impeached President Donald Trump for a second time. He is now the only president to be impeached twice the article of Impeachment was incitement of insurrection. Obviously we know what happened on January 6th when these pro Trump supporting mob stormed the capital, and everybody had to take cover. You know, it was just a crazy scene this past the house. 2 30 to toe 1 97 with 10 Republicans voting against the president. Julia tell us about, you know everything that led up to this moment. It's been a crazy seven days in Washington and really across the country. You know, it's interesting. You know, the insurrection of the capital happened seven days ago. And then seven days from now, a week from now, President elect Joe Biden will be sworn in as the 46, president of the United States. So what happening But in leading up to impeachment, obviously what sparked? This was the insurrection. We saw that President Trump Help that rally in Washington, D C, telling the attendees of his rally to go up to the capital to voice their displeasure with the election results, and many interpreted his remarks as incitement, and it would appear that he did in sight this group of rioters to go to the capital now, Obviously, there were thousands of people to attend President Trump's rally, which was to essentially protest the electoral college results. And then we saw that you know some of the People. Large number of them did stormed the capital when they stormed the capital. It was during the certification of the electoral college vote had senators Josh Holly and some there's had crews essentially proposing challenge the electoral college results in states like Pennsylvania. So we saw that there was essentially ally going around that there was this white Red voter fraud in the 2020 election. So during the certification process, the protestors stormed the capital, putting the lives of the vice president of the United States at risk of the speaker of the House of Thine eyes. Take that risk as well as lawmakers in the chamber at that moment, so we obviously know that five people were killed as a result of these riots, so it was a very deadly insurrection. Now we've heard obviously a lot of these. Writers have been charged. They have been apprehended by law enforcement. But today was President Trump's term in the spotlight, and he was impeached for the second time. It wasn't a surprise. We knew that Democrats would have the votes. But what's getting a lot of attention is the fact that Republicans voted to impeach him and including Congresswoman Liz Cheney, who is part of the GOP leadership in the House. Yeah, I mean, it's

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